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Since 1950

Specialists in Hair and body care

We are specialists in hair and body care. We will meet you for our star product, Lacquer Nelly, your lacquer from yesterday, today and always. We invite you to know all our lines.

What else can Nelly do for you?

In addition to our lacquer Nelly, brand pioneer and # 1 in sales in Spain in fixation, we are also specialists in treatment and coloring. Discover our products.

At Nelly we believe in...

… most importantly, the people and the environment where we have put in place an environmental impact reduction plan. He knows all our history.

Nelly Secrets

Discover in our blog all the secrets of Nelly, news and trends. A world to discover and that we invite you to visit so that you are always to the last.

Lacquer Nelly Classic

Lacquer nº1 in sales in Spain in capillary fixation, respects the hair structure and protects hair from moisture and wind.

Color line

Permanent staining, without ammonia and foam. All the ranges and shades from blonde to the most intense blacks.

Mold waxes

Mold Waxes Nelly molding waxes provide definition and fixation, perfect for all types of hair. An extra fixing that maintains the desired look throughout the day..


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Nelly, since 1951


Rigorouse production processes

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