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Nelly since 1950

Laboratorios Belloch is a family-owned company, based in Paterna (Valencia), founded in the 1950s by Mr Juan Ramón Belloch, Doctor of Chemicals, with the aim of creating personal care products and cosmetics. The company’s constant commitment and dedication to creating products for the care and beauty of women led it to developing a multitude of products, some of which are still market leaders. In 1972, its star product, hairspray, was launched under the NELLY brand, and it has been a leader in the Spanish market ever since.

Today, the second generation of the family, following in the footsteps and sharing the passion for and dedication to the world of cosmetics of its predecessor and visionary, has consolidated the company’s activities and turned it into one of the most important in the Spanish hair care and cosmetics market.

Our experience and professionalism are our endorsement. Our trajectory provides the perfect foundation for growth at international level.

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We have more than 50.000 square metres of new and modern facilities in which our qualified staff work on a daily basis in the search for new ingredients and the development of innovative products.

The laboratory is equipped with the latest technology for formulation, research, development and quality control. A laboratory with its own quality control system that operates under the strict regulations and processes of the cosmetics industry. All microbiological and physical chemical controls of both raw materials and finished products are carried out internally, which means that the chain is strictly monitored throughout the process from beginning to end.

Committed to quality.
We are certified with standard ISO 9001:2015, relating to the Design, Conditioning and Commercialisation of Cosmetic Products.

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Research and development is one of our key departments, the cornerstone of the company and responsible for our success in the market. The continuous training of each of its members and their commitment to developing products that adapt to the new needs of consumers are part of the essence of the company. Constant and intensive teamwork to achieve not only the ideal formula but also greater efficiency both in the development and manufacture of the product.

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We are committed to what matters most: people and the environment.

The launch of an environmental impact reduction plan is one of our priority goals, embodied in the installation of a wastewater treatment plant as well as the implementation of an environmental programme that includes the construction of a recycling centre. All of our waste is sorted, treated and managed in accordance with current regulations and all of our personnel are trained in good practice.

We are a member of ECOEMBES, an organisation that promotes environmental protection through recycling and the design of environmentally friendly packaging in Spain.

We protect and care for our environment because it is our most precious asset.