Nelly Creme Intense

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Exclusive and carefully formulated Nelly Creme Intense with low ammonia content makes it easier for dyes to penetrate the hair cuticle, respecting to the maximum the nature of the hair fibre and obtaining the best results.

Its conditioner imparts a soft and silky feeling while preventing frizz. If you are looking for permanent colour that covers grey hair, changes your tone, resists washing, gives you bright highlights and also respects your hair, moisturising and improving its combability, this is the dye for you.

In addition, its mask, enriched with a number of active ingredients that include collagen and pro-keratin, restructures the hair fibre resulting in vibrant, shiny and hydrated hair. 21 tones + 1 decolourant cream to create the look you want, from the most intense blacks to the most luminous blondes 4 new tones.

Choose your colour!