Liquid keratin

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There is nothing like healthy and vibrant hair. With Nelly keratin, you will be able to act on the 3 key points necessary for showing off spectacular hair. Specially formulated to condition, protect and thicken, Nelly liquid keratin restructures the hair fibre in depth, imparting a healthy appearance to the hair from the roots to the most damaged ends. It restores the hair’s natural shine, providing it with softness and recovering its healthy appearance. Contains sunscreen. With heat protector for use with irons or dryer. Try it, it will become your great beauty secret!


With a towel, remove any excess water from the hair, once washed and conditioned. Spray Nelly liquid keratin all over the hair, gently rub in and spread with a comb. For the best results, gently dry with a hair dryer to help the active ingredients adhere to the hair.


200 ml